Hippodrome Art Film Award EXTENDED DEADLINE to 28 April 2012!

Hippodrome Art Film Award

First prize                               £2,000
Second prize                          £1,500
Third prize                              £1,000
Runner up                                £ 500

To produce a short film or digital sequences inspired by The London Hippodrome
These will be on permanent display & become part of the prestigious Hippodrome collection.

Rules: Art & Design students & recent graduates of the last 3 years. . No more than 3 films per application, minimum duration 1 minute in any format.

Application Deadline: 28 April 2012

Further information and application forms please contact:

Chris Westbrook                 westbrookgallery@hotmail.com

A New art prize for an historical landmark building.

The influence of the Hippodrome on London’s culture & history is legendary.
Lovingly restored over the last 4 years with the guidance of English Heritage, it was built in 1900 to herald the dawn of a brave new world. This famous theatre combined a circus, a water spectacle and a music hall in one venue. The central circus area would be flooded with 100,000 gallons of water with live polar bears and elephants.  It was here that Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake first danced in England, the Folie Bergere Revue, & where, many iconoclasts of the twentieth century performed in a glittering roll call, from Charlie Chaplin’s first performance, to Houdini, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Sammy Davis Jr, Tom Jones & Stevie Wonder amongst its many stars.

The first ‘Hippodrome’ was built in AD 203 by the Emperor Septimius Seveus when the city was called Byzantium. Rebuilt in 324 by ‘Constantine the great’, the statue of four horses in gilded copper adorned the top of the dome, much like the London’s Hippodrome today. 

This great palace was the centre of the city’s social life with performances, betting on races & games set amongst decorations of ‘heavenly beauty and opulence’. A place of refuge & relaxation, a space where all walks of life, citizens of all casts and races, would come together in a single venue on an even ground.

The London Hippodrome will recapture its historical legacy and regain its importance as an integral part of London’s heartland with theatre, music, gaming, exhibitions, film premieres and much more. A building whose beauty has been restored to its own Byzantium glory, to provide a platform once again, with performances still ringing in its walls from Noel Coward to Shirley Bassey and the first place in London to play ‘Jazz’.

Your film may reflect any part of this rich history, or may take inspiration to spring into new ground.
It will animate and enrich the Hippodrome’s resurrection as a unique & exciting venue for London once again.

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